New technologies and trends are constantly emerging in the in the auto industry. Before you apply for a driving license it is important for you to understand what new trends and technologies are in store for vehicles in the future. The latest advancement in the technology world is as good as the next advancement coming down the line. There is new technology constantly emerging in the auto industry be it for entertainment, safety or just pure innovation.

There are trends that are emerging that will probably have huge impact in the future vehicles. This are the trends that anybody who has applied for a driving license should be aware of:

Fuel efficiency:

You should expect to see an increase in fuel efficiency for vehicles using diesel and petrol, and more new ultra efficient hybrid vehicles. A 30% energy saving in only 30% of miles that vehicles are driven in the developed countries in the next ten years, will save 9% of the energy used in motoring. This is an equivalent of 1% cut in today’s emissions. The vehicles assembled are greening rapidly. In the estimation of JD Consultancy a third of the cuts in emissions by 2020 will come as a result of improving diesel and petrol engines, 14% will come from electric vehicles

The electric cars:

One of the major ways of reducing the carbon emitted in transport, global warming, motoring costs and improving air quality is through the adoption of electric vehicles. By 2020 vehicles powered by batteries are expected to be 105 of the market Models like Chevrolet volt and Nissan leaf are already in the market.

Electric cars are more efficient:

Electric cars have the potential to produce lower emissions the mobile engines burning fuel. When petrol is in use in powering a vehicle only 15% to 20 % of the energy is used in driving the car forward, in comparison with 40% used in making electricity a power station that is efficient. It is only an insignificant amount of power that is lost between the power station and the battery in an electric vehicle.

This leads to conclude that ” coal powered” electric vehicles are more efficient users of fuel compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. When solar, wind, waves or nuclear power is used in the charging of the batteries, the electric cars will have zero emissions. One of the major green tech businesses is going to be manufacturing of batteries, the batteries will power not only small devices and mobile phones but also cars buses trucks and many other big equipment that has no permanent connection to electricity.

Better trucks built for freight delivery:

Use of electric cars is only a small part to the more efficient energy use in driving. A huge percentage amount of freight is transported by road. Trucks consume a big percentage of the oil consumed. Energy efficiency in most of this vehicles is as low as it was 4 decades ago. In the future we are going to see a huge increase in efficiency in the new trucks. There will be at least 40% increase in efficiency in the next 10 years.


Benz has claimed the world record by their Actors truck they have cut fuel by 50%. Colane has built a prototype truck that uses 41% fuel this trend is going to continue into the future.

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