dental implants

From missing teeth to a crooked smile, discolouration, and tooth sensitivity, dental consultants and practitioners spend their days finetuning the aesthetics of your smile while also managing dental health and oral hygiene.

Dental implants are just one treatment option for those with missing teeth, replacing both the tooth itself and the root with a long-lasting alternative which is made from a titanium screw and false tooth. The aim of dental implants is to provide a durable solution which can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use – granting patients the ability to restore full and complete oral function while emanating a completely natural smile.

Despite not being a quick or particularly straightforward process, dental implants are considered the most effective solution to missing teeth – presenting a whole host of benefits from the aesthetic look and presentation to confidence and everyday use.

Here are three of the top benefits of dental implants in Essex, from a professional team of dentists.

Increase your confidence

By far the most notable benefit of dental implants lies in the results – that is, the confidence boost that our patients get when they first look in the mirror and see their brand new tooth and that mega-watt glistening smile.

With dental implants embedded securely into the jawline, patients not only receive a boost in aesthetic confidence but also benefit from the knowledge that their replacement tooth is there to stay. Once installed, these screws are given sufficient time to stabilise themselves within the jawbone, with a few criteria outlining the need for a strong jawbone and good oral hygiene prior to the advancement of treatment.

These criteria and other factors worth considering can be discussed directly with your local dentist.

Make eating and communicating easier

Because dental implants are constructed from a titanium screw embedded into the jawbone, topped with a false tooth which is attached to the screw following a few months of recovery time, the end result is one which is both durable and strong.

This means that dental implants are designed to withstand regular eating and communicating, with few restrictions on what you can and cannot eat in order to protect your teeth. While there are factors which can impact the longevity and lifespan of a dental implant, including oral hygiene and biting or chewing on tough items, for the most part, these replacement teeth are built to last.

Mimic the natural look of your teeth

The third benefit of dental implants is the way that they mimic the natural look of your teeth. From the very first consultation between you and your dental practitioner, the treatment will be conducted in a way which matches the implant with your natural teeth – ensuring that the installation of the titanium screw is secure and that the false tooth which is fixed to the implant mimics the colour and shape of your surrounding teeth.

If dental implants are something that you have heard about and are keen to explore, then get in touch with your dentist for specific advice and guidance on whether this treatment is right for you.

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