When it comes to our health and fitness, it can seem like an uphill battle, and that’s, frankly, because it is in our modern world. You see, convenience is killing us. Processed foods and a lack of exercise are the blights on our overall health as a society, so, in essence, we have it too good. Therefore, we have to impose restrictions upon ourselves that nature, itself, did for our ancient ancestors. Here are some tips on how to combat the convenient and comfortable modern lifestyle and the effects it has on our bodies without anything you couldn’t buy at Kohl’s.

First and foremost, there are processed foods. Processed foods offer us kitchen shortcuts that save us time or simply picking up fast food on the go. These items are also cheap. However, all of this convenience costs us big in the end. These items are so convenient because of fillers and preservatives that are detrimental to the food’s nutritional value, such as an abundance of sugar and salt. Therefore, you want to replace these items wholesale with home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients. Your body will thank you when you find you’re losing weight, gaining energy, and generally feeling better, both in the short term and in the long term.

Next, there’s exercise. The thing about the comfortable modern lifestyle is that we’re sitting way too much and weakening our core muscles that would normally be getting plenty of work keeping us upright. This ultimately leads to things like hernias and back pains that can be avoided with a little extra walking, jogging, running, or even standing. All in all, health and fitness aren’t easy, per se, in our modern world, but they’re not as hard as you think.

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